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Design a Purse

Here's where you get to put together the purse with the style and function you want!  Steps 1 through 3 below will guide you through the process of choosing or designing your unique purse.  Choose from three purse styles described below in Step 1 (each style is available in three sizes).  Determine which one you want, and then click on Step 2 to view photos of purses in many colors and patterns.  You may choose colors from those photos, or you may inquire about other color options.  Step 3 is where you email me with your selections and/or ideas.  We can correspond and create the exact combination of colors and details for your unique purse!  If you are choosing a gift, I am also happy to help with your selection.


Step 1:  Choose from three distinctive purse styles shown and described below.   For a description of the quality and features of wool felted purses, and to learn about how they are knitted and felted, I invite you to click on these links:  about the purse collection and the felting process.

Classic Tote Purse - available in sizes medium, large, extra large

Handy style purse you'll use every day.  Boxy shape with deep sides gives you plenty of room for whatever you need while you're out.  Thick handles, sturdy bottom and sides, because the entire purse is knit double thick.  Flap closure with decorative button and snap on underside.  Several handle lengths to choose from.  Unlimited single and multi color possibilities.

extra large:  $80  (shown in spice red above)  11" wide x 9" high x 4" deep sides;  choose 34" or 42" flat shoulder straps

large:  $65  (shown in charcoal & tan above)  10" wide x 8 "high x 3" deep sides;  choose  18" or 24" rolled handles, or 34" flat shoulder straps

medium:  $55  (shown in black above)  9" wide x 7" high x 3" deep sides;              choose 18" or 24" rolled handles 


Bucket Tote Purse - available in sizes medium and large

Here's a tote with some flare!  Roomy, sturdy and very functional - just like the Classic Tote.  Slightly different proportions (see measurements below). Accent with metal rings in bright or brushed silver, bronze or black.  Your choice of tab with button (snap sewn to underside of tab) or no tab (snap sewn to inside top edge of purse).  

large:  $65 (shown in pink above)  base is 4" x 6", purse body is 6" high and top edge is 9"wide;  choose 18" or 24" rolled handles

medium:  $55  (shown in kiwi above)  base is 5" x 7", purse body is 7" high and top edge is 10" wide;  choose 18" or 24" handles


Flap-top Purse:  available in sizes medium, large, extra large

The attractive tapered shape of this purse makes it stylish and practical.  Lots of room for all your things.  Very substantial, with entire purse knitted double thick.  Snap closure under flap with decorative button on outside, or silver clasp on outside.   Any single color or combination of colors possible.

extra large:  $80  (shown in kiwi green above)  11" wide x 10" high x 3" deep sides;  choose 34" or 42" rolled shoulder strap

large:  $65  (shown in light heather gray above)  10" wide x 9" high x 3" deep sides;  choose 24" or 34" rolled shoulder strap

medium:  $55  (shown in plum above)  9" wide x 8" high x 3" deep sides;  choose 24" or 34" rolled shoulder strap

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