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About the Felting Process

Nonstop knits felted purses are entirely hand knit.  Once completed, the knitted purse is then agitated in a hot water wash to shrink the wool fibers.  Individual rows of knitting fuse together, making a new fabric.  A knitted purse is usually about twice as big as the finished felted purse. Depending on the length of time it's felted and the qualities of the original yarn, a purse can have a smooth or multi textured surface.  In some felted purses, the knit stitch may still be slightly visible.

knitted purse before felting

finished, felted purse

After a purse has been through the felting process, it is shaped and air dried.  Fringe and other non-wool yarns, that may have been included in the knitting process, stand out as non-felted textures in the final product.

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