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Special Features of nonstop knits Felted Purses


All purses in this collection are made from my original designs.  Different styles and shapes are the result of my experimenting with many types of wool yarn.  I've gotten some unexpected results in the process, and some of those "happy accidents" have been repeated as intentional design techniques.  The Flared Tote Purse, for example, was my first attempt to create a basic square purse using some very different yarns.  I learned in the process, however, that all wool yarns do not react with hot water in identical ways!  Consequently, a beautifully curved purse became a favorite design in the nonstop knits collection.


You will find that these felted purses are thick and durable.  Wool is a strong natural fiber, and when it's felted it becomes a fabric with unique texture and interesting surface qualities.  Merino wool felts into a fabric much like that of fine boiled wool jackets.  Other wool, blended with mohair, produces a thicker fabric with a little fuzz. 


Felted wool purses are versatile, classy additions to any wardrobe.  Like fine wool sweaters, felted purses pair nicely with denim, khaki, leather and other wool.  They can be used in both casual and formal settings, and can even be the special piece you build an entire outfit around.  Wool purses are wonderful in any season, with breathable fabric and comfortable handles for warmer weather use, and soft inviting textures that are pleasing in colder months.  Because it is a natural fiber, wool is highly reactive with dye - yarn colors can be especially vibrant, subtly shaded, or extremely varied in earthy tones.  Think vibrant colors in summer, soft tones in spring, and bold or earth tones in fall and winter. 



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